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Tiny Portugal

Time: 1' (5'x13)
Original ideia, script and directing: Paulo Patrício
Music: Mariana Ricardo
Production: Nuno Amorim

Tiny Portugal – In this animated series, children around the country (between 6 and 10 years old) are invited to draw pictures of public and historical reference figures, from kings and artists to politicians, poets and writers, or through a character illustrating a certain significant historical event which can either be the Battle of Aljubarrota, the 1974 April Revolution, or the integration of Portugal in the European Union. At the same time in a casual record, they are also invited to tell what they know (facts, details, etc..) about the figure that they choose. After this collection, the illustrations and drawings are animated, the children's voices record complement the animations. The result is a series where each episode is devoted to a national figure or event in a narrative with historical elements and objectives but slightly soggy by the children sense of humor. Sometimes ruthless, other surprising, but always very natural honest and genuine. In short: it reveals the perspective that children have of the country.
Produced Pilot Episode of Magellan, for series of 5'x13 episodes.

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