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Piss me would die so joveeeeem – It would piss me off to die so yoooooung…

Director: Filipe Abranches
Year of manufacture: 2016

Tu, pobre soldadinho, vais alegre para a guerra, sem saber que já levas a pétala vermelha que marca os que irão nela perecer. Ela é a morte amarela mostarda que te fará sufocar numa trincheira lamacenta e pestilenta , não sem antes te apresentar a alguns danados que já partiram e lá te esperam nos campos da desolação.

Oh, little soldier, jaunting happily towards the war, you pay no heed to the red petal you carry, marking the ones who’ll fall. Such petal is the sign of the mustard yellow death that will smother you in the pestiferous, muddy trenches. Not, however, without introducing you to some of the damned that have left already, and who are waiting for you in the fields of desolation.


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